standing out from the crowd ...

Welcome to The Project Training & Consultancy, a social enterprise with heart, working to improve the lives of young people affected by mental health issues, through early intervention and prevention.

The Project Training & Consultancy is not just an ordinary training company, but one with lived experience at the very heart and soul of everything it does.  With a social conscience and a genuine passion to make a difference, everything we do is driven by our Founder, CEO and Lead Trainer, Debbie Humberstone's personal story.  Her personal knowledge and professional skills combine to give her a practical and person-centred standpoint, which has both challenged and enabled others to see things differently, by: 

Raising awareness and increasing knowledge and understanding around mental health issues, particularly those affecting young people, by providing training, workshops and talks;

Enabling and supporting the set-up of groups working with young people with mental health issues, through replication of The Project's existing model of early intervention support;

Providing a mental health consultancy service, focusing on early intervention and prevention work.


We are all about starting conversations about mental health - to change attitudes, bring people together and create and improve the services available to young people who may be struggling.


As a social enterprise, our training is offered at a preferential rate to parents and carers, when working directly with young people (eg. in schools), and to others where this is deemed appropriate, to increase accessibility and allow as many people as possible to benefit.  A percentage of income may also be donated to services supporting young people affected by mental health issues, and some services may be provided free of charge on an ad hoc basis. 

Our approach comes from lived experience of caring for a young person with mental health issues, meaning our approach is very practical and hands-on. 


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