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Since it’s World Mental Health Day, we thought we would share some of the comments given by young people in our workshops. Participants are given a blank #heartonthehand image and encouraged to write comments about what they have learned in the workshop. The comments can be about how they have a better understanding of mental health, how they will try to help others or how they can manage their own mental health. We hope you find them helpful.

The comments have been edited, but we have kept the original wording.

Looking after your mental health

“Stop subjecting myself to unachievable academic standards. Eat more cake.”

“There are people I can talk to and ways to distract myself from my memories.”

“I must not compare myself to others. The media portrays unhealthy body image. I am me.”

“Talk to people you trust about your feelings and don’t be afraid to be yourself.”

“It’s okay not to be okay! There should be more self-confidence in the world! Never be ashamed of who you are because everybody is beautiful the way they are.”

“Try to stop comparing myself to others.”

Changing attitudes towards mental health

“Never assume someone ELSE’S problems. Mental illness isn’t simply solved.”

“I know how important it is to think about the impact of the things I say.”

“Be more socially aware when creating characters with mental issues.”

“Learnt about how mental illness affects people and all the many ways it becomes stressful.”

“Discuss mental health issues more often and provide support.”

“Mental health should be treated the same as physical health. Be considerate of the words you use concerning mental health.”

Helping others

“Prioritise my friend’s safety with mental health [more] than our friendship.”

“Be more understanding and supportive when people around me need me.”

“Give someone a hand even if you don’t think you can help – every little thing helps.”

“Teach my sister mindfulness technique.”

“Explain to my little sister some of the things I have learnt today so she can grow up and not worry what she looks like. She is beautiful in my eyes.”

“Make Julie an actual cup of tea.”

Advice and coping strategies

“Stroke a dog.”

“It does get better.”

“When things are fast and stressful within your life just slow and walk your own journey.”

“Don’t measure your worth based on another person’s feelings. One day someone will see the good in you.”

“Talk to the people around you. They should always be around to help. Mental health is everywhere — anyone can have it. We are all different and unique. Not everyone will show it, but we all struggle sometimes. Your family and friends are there for you. Love yourself.”

“There’s no such thing as perfect. You’re not alone.”

“Think of the good bits of the day.”

“Let people know how you feel. They will help you. You’re not alone.”

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