"The ripple effects of mental illness are far reaching, affecting not just the young person, but their family and friends, their community.  Mental illness is not just someone else's problem - it is everyone's problem!
– Debbie Humberstone
a social enterprise, with heart ...


The Project Training & Consultancy is a social enterprise and Company Limited by Guarantee, but with 'Limited' exemption due to our social purpose.

our mission

It's simple really.  We want to improve the lives of young people affected by mental health issues, and we will do this by:

  • Raising awareness and increasing knowledge and understanding around mental health issues, particularly those affecting young people, by providing training, workshops, talks and other relevant activities;

  • Enabling and supporting the set-up of groups working with young people with mental health issues, through replication of The Project’s existing model of early intervention support;

  • Providing a mental health consultancy service, where our advice and experience can be of use to others in making improvements to the support services available to young people.

and our ethos ... ?

Well, that's pretty simple too! We believe that young people deserve the best possible support, to allow them to thrive, grow and achieve, without being limited by their mental health or by others' attitudes to mental illness.  For this to be true, we have to challenge and change attitudes ...

We want to reach as many people as possible through our work, and change the culture around young people's mental health through focusing on early intervention and prevention.  As part of our social purpose, our services will be provided at a preferential rate to parents and carers, when working directly with young people (eg. in schools, youth clubs), and to others where this is deemed appropriate.


A percentage of our income may also be donated to services supporting young people affected by mental health issues, and some services may be provided free of charge on an ad hoc basis.