our campaign to raise awareness ...

Can you support The Project’s #heartonthehand campaign to help raise awareness around mental illness?

Our #heartonthehand campaign was started by one of the volunteers at The Project’s peer support sessions, and came out of an idea from one of the young people attending.  The Project’s logo is a red heart on a white hand, and it is a symbol of friendship, connectedness and openness, which represents the spirit of The Project.

The message of our #heartonthehand campaign is that mental illness is often hidden, and it is not always obvious to others that someone is struggling; often people experiencing mental health issues face stigma and discrimination, and can end up feeling very isolated by their issues.  We would like to change this, so that young people feel supported, understood and accepted, whatever their issues and challenges.

So, here’s how you can support our campaign to raise awareness around mental illness …

Draw a red heart on your hand, and share a selfie on our #heartonthehand Facebook campaign page, or on our Twitter or Instagram accounts, using the hashtags #heartonthehand #theproject