"Very informative, I now feel confident in using what I’ve learnt to help support young people and possibly identify signs and symptoms to help someone who needs help"
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Interested in setting up or improving the delivery of early intervention support for young people with mental health issues in your area?  We offer a consultancy service to advise on cost-effective solutions that deliver positive outcomes for young people - but ones which are informed by and shaped around the needs of young people. 


There is strong evidence that early intervention and prevention is the best way of tackling the growing mental health issues which are endemic in our young people.  Never has the saying 'prevention is better than cure' been more true!  But investment in early intervention services requires a much-needed shift in the mindset of those shaping the youth mental health services of the future; and when that shift comes, it is important that services are based on evidence and best practice. 


Whether you are a Public Health or NHS commissioner, corporate partner, or a voluntary and community sector group, we can help!  As Founder of The Project's successful early intervention model, we have experience of setting up and creating a well-respected and effective early intervention model which has benefited hundreds of young people.  

Our model of support has demonstrated that early intervention services can reduce mental health inpatient admissions, A&E visits and doctors' appointments.  It has also proved effective in engaging with young men, who, it has been shown, are less willing to participate in traditional interventions, such as talking therapies.


If you are looking to set-up or introduce early intervention services for young people in your town or as a commissioned county-wide service, we can offer a consultancy service to share expertise, learning and best practice, and save people and services time and money by not having to 'reinvent the wheel'!

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As a social enterprise, we aim to improve the lives of young people affected by mental health issues through providing high quality mental health training for young people and adults, to enable the set up of early intervention support groups for young people with mental health issues, and provide a mental health consultancy service.